How to Find Your Lost iPhone or Ipad?

How to Find Your Lost iPhone or Ipad?

Track iPhone 4s

There is always a possibility of loosing or misplacing your iPhone or iPad. When you loose your gadget, it not only costs you financially but also deprives you of your personal data. In case you have lost your gadget, there are different methods to track and recover it.

Whether your iPhone/iPad is stolen or you have misplaced it, you can use following free apps to locate and recover it:


This is an effective app for iPhones or iPads. The app has the ability to let you know the exact location of your gadget. Hence, it helps you in tracking and recovering the lost gadget.


This iPhone/iPad app enables you to not only find out the current location of your lost iPhone or iPad but also control the gadget from your computer which is going to be very useful. In case you suspect that your gadget is in someone else’s possession, you have the option to remotely wipe out or lock all the data of your handset so that nobody can access your contacts, photos, messages or any other personal information. There might be another situation, if your handset is stolen and the thief has changed the sim, you can log in with the help of you ID and send yourself a message or make a remote call to your other number, hence, you will get the number of the thief. No doubt, iLocalis is one of the most useful apps to locate and recover your lost iPhone or iPad.

Navizon App

This is another useful app for iPhone/iPad users who have lost or misplaced their gadgets. Navizon app, through wifi-positioning, not only locates your gadget but also has an amazing feature to keep a track where your handset has been for particular period of time. Furthermore, this app alerts you whenever you enter into a different area.

Find my iPhone by Apple

This is yet another useful app which is designed by Apple. Find-my-iphone makes it possible to track and recover your lost iphone in a very convenient way. Take my word; Find my phone is worth installing on your iphone or ipod.


Here is another solution which enables you to track the location of an iPhone. By installing Mobistealth on to your iPhone, you’ll be able to track the current location of your lost or stolen iPhone easily. iPhone tracking app helps you in catching cheating partner, kids, employees suspicious activities on iPhone too. I’ll recommend to use this iPhone Spy.

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