How to Handle Excessive Employee Texting at Workplace with Spy

How to Handle Excessive Employee Texting at Workplace with Spy

An excessive use of iPhone and Android for calling and texting at workplace has cause serious concerns for employers who consider these activities a waste of time and distraction from work. Researchers have also jumped in by revealing the negative outcomes business has to face just due to excessive employee texting. If your business growth is declining, or your employees are showing lower levels of productivity, then it’s time to take things in your own hand. Try these measures to resolve this issue once and for all.

Get Your Hands on Spying Technology

Get your hands on spying technology before it’s too late, as every minute counts. There are a large number of spying tools specially designed for observing the digital behavior of employees. Due to the nature of your issue, text message spy app is the best choice for you.

These apps, as the name implies, sneak into the message box of device smartphones and start saving all the text messages sent and received on targeted device. You can get access to these messages on your laptop or mobile anytime you want.

Develop Strategies and Share Consequences

Let employees know that you pay them for working and not for texting. Call your human resource manager and develop a strategy against employee texting.

There are a lot of things you can do such as restricting the employees to text during lunch time only, or going outside the office for using smartphone. Obviously, employees won’t be able to go outside the office for sending or reading every text. Send an email to all the employees sharing the new strategy. Do not forget to mention the consequences of going violating the new rules. You may set a minimal fine on using cell phone.

The money collected through these fines can be used for having a get-together or a small party at office at the end of each month. Continued violations could be dealt with through warning emails, and eventually firing.

Keep Employees Engaged

Frequent texting at workplace is not solely employees’ fault. You are also the one to blame, as you failed to get maximum output from them. It is your responsibility to assign job tasks according to the skills and experience of every employee. If an employee completes all his work before lunch or two hours before closing, then you may increase his job responsibilities to keep him engaged, otherwise he will look for other activities like calling and texting to kill time.

You may call the employee in your office, and politely tell him that you have found a solution to his boredom. If he is smart, then he will understand what you are talking about. Assign him a new project or ask him to help any other employee who has extra workload or is facing difficulty in meeting the deadlines. Keep employees busy so that they do not get time for texting.

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