iPhone Spy App Features

iPhone Spy App Features


Detailed Description of the fascinating and demanding Features


Call History:

Discover the fine points of incoming and outgoing calls. You will be able to find out when and who is being called. Along with call history you can also view the exact call duration of each call using mobile tracker. This feature can be really helpful to find out the numbers which are frequently being called and have the longest call duration.

Live Listening to Surroundings/ Spy Call:

Listen to the surroundings of target phone holder immediately.

On Demand Surround Recording: It will enable you to distantly keep a record of all talk in the surroundings of the mobile phone. You just have to send a secret SMS and recording will start automatically. The entire soundtrack will be uploaded clandestinely to stealth online account.


Location Tracking through GPS: Now you can monitor each and every movement of your spouse. The location information is updated routinely at a predefined period. The location history can then be inspected by logging on to your online account.

Alternative Location Retrieval Method: This tracking feature enables you to get location of adjacent mobile tower of your iPhone device, when GPS is off or unavailable due to cloud cover or any other reason.


Email Logging:

The application uploads the email logs of all email accounts being configured on target iPhone. You can monitor/spy on the emails being sent or received on the target iPhone.

Picture Logging:

All the pictures are logged that are either being taken from target phone camera or stored from web in Photos library. You can get to know who is with the one whom you are monitoring.

Video Logging:

Video logs lesser than 15 MB in size are logged with iPhone Spy App. This limit is set to keep the battery of the target iPhone remain at its controllable settings.

SMS Logging:

All the text messages (SMS) being sent/received to/from the target phone are being logged by iPhone Spy App.

Browser History Logging:

All the web pages you browsed with target iPhone native browser are being logged by iPhone Spy App. You can find out the online activities of the person whom you are monitoring.

Contact Details:

The Contacts in the target phone are being logged with all the stored details.

If you are looking for all these things then you should just confirm if your target iPhone is listed in the SUPPORTED IPHONE.

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