iPhone Spy App – How Does It Work?

iPhone Spy App – How Does It Work?


Created as one of the most efficient stealth surveillance devices, the iPhone Spy App allows a person to gain access to even the most private parts of their target user’s cellular communication. The iPhone Spy App can be installed within a few minutes on any jail broken iPhone.

While the installer knows that the iPhone Spy App is now functioning on the phone, the user can never find out because it is virtually untraceable – no icon shows up once the iPhone Spy App is installed and no notifications can alert user that it is sitting in the background on their phone and watching their every move.

At the point of installation the iPhone Spy App begins by collecting all existing information and data on the phone i.e. pictures, call logs, videos, emails, text messages etc. and delivers them to the installer’s online account. From that point on the iPhone Spy App speedily sifts through all new data that enters the phone and sends it over for the installer to see.

The iPhone Spy App reports back to the installer with the following:

Contact list –

  • each new contact added will be sent to the installer. Any alterations or updates to the contact list will also be sent forth to the installer, immediately.

Emails –

  • all personal/professional accounts that the phone owner has linked to his phone will be available for the installer’s perusal because of the iPhone Spy App since all incoming and outgoing emails are monitored by the iPhone Spy App. It can also reveal someone’s entire browsing history to the installer.

Call logs and text messages –

  • with the iPhone Spy App you can easily check someone’s call logs i.e. details of all calls coming to and going from the phone; this includes where the calls were coming from/going to, along with how long they lasted. Details of text messages are the same;however, the installer also has the ability to see the content of the texts with the iPhone Spy App.

Tracking –

  • the target user can be tracked with the iPhone Spy App. The GPS on the phone is used to pinpoint their location on a map which is available on the installer’s online account. At times an iPhone’s GPS fails to function, but not to worry since the iPhone Spy App can track the target user through satellite and Wi-Fi signals.

Spy Call –

  • the spy call feature from the iPhone Spy App allows a person to send a secret text to their target phone and either listen to their surroundings live or record it for later perusal.

Videos and pictures –

  • no picture taken or video made with the phone can be concealed by the target user once the iPhone Spy App is installed. It easily records each video and picture and sends it over to the installer to check.

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