Stop Leakage of Sensitive Company Information Using Spy Apps

Stop Leakage of Sensitive Company Information Using Spy Apps

Stop Leakage of Sensitive Company Information using Spy Apps

Data leakage is amongst the major threats faced by organizations these days. Unfortunately, there is no specific way to fully avoid this issue, as most of the times it is the inner person, someone from the management or employees, who is involved in data leakage. But the good thing is that you can ensure data loss prevention by using spy apps so that you can know that your private data is safe. Here is how to use these apps to get maximum advantage.

Monitor Email Exchange

Employees frequently use emails for sending sensitive information to unauthorized parties, so make sure every mail sent and received by all employees pass by your eyes. Read the mail body and search for any indirect message given such as use of certain keywords relevant to your upcoming product, social security numbers of employees, etc. Also check the email address of receiver along with the time of sending emails. If you observe an excessive exchange of email between any of your employees and any unknown person, then look after the issue in detail.

Check Picture and Video Logs

Some employees take images of important documents like project proposals, company financials, employee sensitive information, etc. and send them to competitors or other unauthorized people. They also share videos on company’s upcoming products, its pricing strategy, operations, etc., causing heavy losses to the company. Some of these employees may be corporate spies sent by the competitors just to steal your sensitive information in order to use it against you. So you must check picture and video logs on regular basis in order to make sure your company’s private information such as its pricing details, upcoming products, current projects etc. remain safe.

Monitor Browsing History

It is also important to check the browsing history of employees to make sure they are not visiting websites which can help them in bypassing corporate controls or leaking company information. If employees are using FTP sites or peer-to-peer file sharing tools, then it means there is something wrong. A good spy app saves the browsing history even if the employee has cleared it from his device.

Scan Messages

Messages are also widely used for sharing private data, so in addition to emails, you should scan every single message sent and received on all the company-owned devices. Majority of the spy apps keep track of messages along with their content and details of sender and receiver, letting you know who the culprit is.

Installing a spy app is not the solution. You should monitor the reports generated by these apps on daily basis to be able to respond to any issue in a timely manner.

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