Stop Your Child’s Texting Addiction With the iPhone Spy

Stop Your Child’s Texting Addiction With the iPhone Spy


The iPhone Spy is designed in a manner that will help you gather information about your child’s texting behavior and assist in stopping your child’s texting addiction.

The amount of texting your child is doing along with what he/she’s talking about can be seen easily and the app performs its duty like a spy- discretely.

The application is installed just as any other app is onto the target iPhone and has no visible icon on the phones interface and your child tracing the application is out of the question. iPhone Spy functions on jail broken iPhone’s and does its job very well, providing critical information to parents that may want to know more about what keeps their child texting.

iPhone SpyOnce the iPhone Spy is installed it quietly functions in the background taking note of all incoming and outgoing texts, it records time signatures of every text making a log that provides information of what time any given text message was sent or received.

iPhone Spy goes a step further and even keeps track of who the text is being sent to this way you know who your child is texting. There’s no stopping yet, the iPhone Spy even records the actual text, it keeps an exact copy of the text that was sent to any person from the phone that the app is running on giving you complete knowledge of what the text contains and one text at a time you are able to build up and view an entire text conversation.

This makes the iPhone Spy a thorough filtration system keeping a check on every aspect of texting that’s happening on the phone from sender to receiver to content. The iPhone Spy also eliminates the possibility of hidden or deleted texts that you might not see when physically examining the iPhone, as every text is logged, even if the message is deleted you can still view it.


With the iPhone Spy installed, parents will know who their child is texting, when they are communicating and what exactly the purpose of these texts is. Further more incoming texts receive the same treatment so text-marketing that may lead the child to make bad decisions for him or herself can also be uprooted and also gives an insight as to why the child wants some specific product or service.

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