Why Would Anyone Need a Tracker Anyway?

Why Would Anyone Need a Tracker Anyway?

When you send out your employees and they are on their feet, you take the stage of a fleet manager. This in no way can be done without a location tracker.

Among the delivery services, you could be running a:

  • Courier services
  • Cab service
  • Restaurant and offering home deliveries
  • E-shopping business
  • Supply chain industry

This requires your strict surveillance of your moving employees. Many businesses give out devices like iPhones to communicate or stay in touch, and with an iPhone tracking software installed, keeping tabs on the moving employees would give you real time insight in to your worker’s current position and whereabouts. Not only that, once you install the tracker, the phone owner will become your “target” and you will be able to follow them on Google Maps which will keep you notified about their current GPS location.

Now it’s certain that you cannot spend your valuable hours gazing at the map all day, this is why Mobistealth gives you an option to view location history and to monitor travel route as well. This will let you know when your “on-the-go” employee took a wrong turn and sneaked to meet a friend during office hours. You can always check back at the data uploaded over Mobistealth Control Panel and review it later.

GPS tracking helps you in monitoring travel routes of your employees and their current location in real time.

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